Do I have to use latex?

I prefer it because it’s more durable and flexible, but recognize it requires practice and the proper tools, and can be intimidating for newcomers. Alternatives such as Mod Podge, wood glue and acrylic Gesso can be applied with a brush, and Plasti Dip comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can. All will get the job done well and last long with proper care.

What is L-200 and where can I find it?

L-200 is a type of urethane foam similar to EVA floor-mat foam; the number designates density, and the higher the number, the more dense the foam. L-200 can be expensive, and in fact I use EVA floor-mat foam and fatigue foam (3/8ths inch foam that comes in a roll) almost exclusively these days. Both are available at retail outlets such Target, Home Depot, auto parts stores and on Amazon.

Can I use a hair dryer in lieu of a heat gun?

You could, but the temperature doesn’t get hot to soften the foam properly.

Do you have a list of everything I’ll need for a build?

As a matter of fact, I do. There’s a complete list of tools and supplies on my website and below each video are the materials used for that specific piece.

Where can I get a head cast or body form?

Make your own with the help of this video : “Creating a Life Cast Bust with Alginate”  or you can buy head forms here.

Could you help me build a (fill in the blank)?

I am helping you. That’s the point of my tutorials: to pass on the techniques it took me decades to learn. It’s up to you to improve your own skills and design/build your own pieces. If you get stuck, you can always contact me at evilted@eviltedsmith.com.

Do you do commissions?

I’m a professional prop and costume maker, so I’ve done plenty of them during my career. If you’ve got a movie, TV show or web series in the works, I’d be happy to consider the gig. But my work isn’t cheap and isn’t typically going to be something the average cosplayer could afford.

Can I be your intern/apprentice?

Right now I’m a one-man shop, which is the fastest way for me to work. Down the road, I might need an extra set of hands and will keep you posted.

How did you learn to make all this stuff?

I learned by doing, and through a lot of trial and error. Also I had the advantage of coming up at a time when effects shops were hopping and every job brought me into contact with professionals from whom I had tons to learn. I also opened my eyes to the benefits of foam fabrication and to this day I’m still learning from people like Bill Duran at Punished Props

Can I buy one of your patterns?

Yes you can. They are for sale in the pattern store on my website.