You should build BLANK from this GAME or MOVIE.

I’ve been a professional prop maker for years, and in that time I’ve built what I was hired for. Now that I work for my self, I get to build what I’m passionate about and what inspires me. With my videos tutorials, I teach you the techniques I use to build your own creations. My goal is to not necessarily teach you how to build one particular thing, but to teach the skills that can be applied to any build.

Do you take commissions?

I no longer do commission work, all my time is dedicated to creating new content for my channels. Again, my passion is teaching, I want to take the intimidation out of the building. No one will do it the way you want it done except for you.

How do I get started in the movie industry doing what you do?
I got started in 1989 so a lot of the things I had to do have changed.  Some things, however, have not.
  • Build a portfolio. Work with local theaters, build Halloween costumes for friends, and continue to improve. Then take those projects and document them.  Producers will want to SEE what you can do, they will not take your word for it.
  • Track the time it takes for your builds.  You will need to approximate when you can have things delivered and knowing your speed is crucial for this.  Nothing can be more damaging to your reputation than being late.
  • Get a thick skin.  You will be yelled at, there is no sugar coating it.  This is a high-stress industry and people will always take it out on whoever they can.  Do not let anyone discourage you, keep your passion.
  • Don’t settle for good, go for great.  The most reliable feedback will be from other makers or people who do not know you. Friends and family are great for encouragement, but sometimes you need to get criticism independent sources.  This ties into the thick skin.
I'm really new to cosplay and I've never made anything before. Where do I start?

First of all, welcome to the cosplay community.  Recently I have had many people reach out to me with general advice questions like this, that’s why I created the Facebook group “Evil Teds Foam Fanatics”.  It is a great group of makers dedicated to improving their craft and a great place to find help or inspiration.  I recommend joining the group, it is very active and friendly.  If you join be sure to answer the questions (They help filter robots).

Where is my pattern?

The patterns are delivered by a digital download that is sent to you through email and available for download via link after checkout. Spam filters love to catch these types of letters so take a look in your junk folders.  You can also reach out to me through the contact form if you cannot find it.

How do I resize your patterns?

The best way to modify the scale of the pattern is to take the file and shrink it or blow it up.  You can do this by either taking to a print shop and have them adjust it by a %.  There is no perfect formula for this, I frequently have to redraw patterns and then scale it by tracing it larger or smaller.

Do you accept credit cards?
Currently, PayPal handles all my financial transactions.  This helps me focus on the things that are important to me.  I have no plans to change this policy any time soon.
When are you coming to my Con?
I would love to come to your local con, they just have to invite me. Write to the Con letting them know that you would love to have me as a guest. Get your friends to write as well. Conventions need to sell tickets and if they know I would drive ticket sales then they bring me out, and I get to teach workshops live.  


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