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Safety Tools

Foam Tools

Blade Sharpener

Utility knife

Craft knife

Soft grip craft knife

Assorted brass tubbing

Metal Ruler

Clear metal edge ruler.

Flexible ruler

Drawing template

Notch cutter

Wood burner


Airbrush compressor

Foam Materials

TNT Cosplay Supplys Foam

EVA floor mat foam

Craft Foam

Hot glue gun

Hot Glue Sticks

 Contact cement

Contact cement thinner

Dap Weldwwod Contact Cement

Alpha Thixofix Contact Cement- UK contact cement

Zap-a-gap super glue

Super Glue Accelerator

Accelerator bottle

Dap Kwik Seal

Dap Kwik Seal - UK

Brown paper roll

Poster board

Foam Sealers

Creature Cast Rubber

Natural Form 60-R rubber USA

Plasti Dip

Mod Podge

Flex bond glue

Spray gun


Super Glue

Super Glue Accelerator

Accelerator bottle

Contact cement

Contact cement thinner

Dap Weldwwod Contact Cement

Alpha Thixofix Contact Cement- UK contact cement

Goop adhesive

E 6000 adhesive

Zap-a-gap glue

Zap-a-gap glue - UK


Hook & loop nylon

Earth magnets

One inch buckles

One inch webbing

Two inch buckets

Two inch webbing

 Hooks for fabric

Sew on snaps


PlaidFX paint any color

Tamiya pants, any color

Rust-Oleum 2X any color

Oil paint raw umber

Oil paint burnt Sienna

Oil paint black


Matt Acrylic spray varnish

Gloss Acrylic spray varnish

Visors/Face Shield

Visors of different colors

Chrome face shield

Helpful Links

How to make a Duck Tape body form

How to make a head cast

Footlocker for traveling

Head forms

Male body dress form

Female body dress form

Measurement site 

Template Maker patterns

This to That - an adhesive glue site

How to price your work


Come hang out with me live while I build new things


Watch foam cosplay tutorials and QA's


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